Fuel theft prevention using Galileosky tracking devices in the UK

Integrator Plug N Play Solutions (PnP) set up an automated fuel security system with Galileosky tracking devices

Previously red diesel was possible to use on sites and industrial applications (note this was not allowed to be used on road vehicles). Now due to regulations changing in the UK it’s not allowed to use red diesel in such applications. Only white diesel fuel is now allowed in all types of vehicles.


White diesel is much more expensive but can be used in any type of road vehicle. This has resulted in a large spike in diesel theft all over the country. 

Project tasks


  1. Provide a system where only allow authorized users have access to consume fuel
  2. Monitor the status of doors, locks, and fuel level
  3. Automatically switch on the light, fuel pump and alarm call
  4. Track object location


PnP chose the Galileosky 7x LTE and set up the necessary controlling parameters for fuel cube. This enabled PnP to program in locally automated procedures, report on them remotely and also control everything remotely.

Specialists set up a 1 wire RFID-reader monitoring. Now when an authorized user taps on to the RFID-reader, then the fuel lid opens, and the fuel pump turns on.

Such parameters as automatic control of lights, alarms, fuel tank lid lock and pump are configured. It’s valuable that all this functionality can be controlled remotely. Alarms are set for automatic fuel switching and display of the exact location.

To ensure safety, engineers have set up an alarm button that goes off when the fuel container door is open. If fuel theft is suspected, users can log in, sound the alarm and turn off the lights to scare off the burglar.

The threat of wire cutting is now eliminated because fuel monitoring is done wirelessly in continuous mode. This also ensures the continuous generation of reports. Motion alerts were set up to detect when there was movement near to the fuel cube.

For the convenience of customers, the sites produce weekly reports on the fuel used to generate invoices.


PnP modified fuel cube within a modified container and set up the fuel security system. Due to Galileosky devices’ flexible programming capabilities, specialists automated the necessary processes and provided remote control.


Galileosky 7x LTE Cat 1

Multifunctional tracker with LTE and 3G support for advanced fleet management.

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You can use the similar solutions in your projects. The capacity to implement Galileosky tracking devices is very large. More than 1,000,000 tracking devices are used in different systems from passenger transport monitoring, oil and gas monitoring, mining, and others. Galileosky devices control land vehicles, ships, sports cars and even weather stations.

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