How to control the fuel consumption without a fuel level sensor?

Russia, Tyumen

The Integrator company has faced a non-trivial request from a customer who wanted to monitor under what conditions the fuel consumption of the road rollers changes and make sure the operators are using the equipment correctly. It turned out that the problem could not be solved by the equipment with a fuel level sensor. However, the joint solution has made it possible to cope with these difficulties.

Development background

The road construction company was looking for a solution for automated control of fuel consumption on equipment, in particular road rollers. Depending on the operating conditions of the equipment, the level of vibration, the slope of the site - the fuel consumption of the equipment varied from 10 liters per hour to 200 liters per hour.

Project tasks

  • Real time fuel consumption control.
  • Fuel economy.
  • Operators' work control.


The integrator company has developed a solution that allowed the client to monitor the fuel consumption on the road rollers, as well as to control the work of the equipment operators.On the first stages of the project the specialists of the integrator company have found out that it is not reasonable to use the fuel level sensors in the project due to the curved shape of the fuel tank of the road rollers and the equipment issues that can work at a large angle of inclination.

In addition, the vibratory road roller and its vibratory unit can be connected and disconnected depending on the customer's requirements, and the fuel consumption when the unit is connected will increase. The experts of integrator company have decided to use the Technoton DFM500D CAN dual-chamber differential flow meter, which can transmit data via the CAN protocol.

Monitoring system parameters:       

  • Engine temperature
  • Instantaneous fuel consumption
  • Total fuel consumption
  • Engine runtime


 Galileosky tracking device collects the parameters controlled by the flowmeter (temperature, fuel volume, fuel consumption, etc.) and sends them to the Wialon software, which generates the report for the real-time fuel control.


The advantages of the solution created by the integrator company are that the data on the fuel consumption, engine runtime in different modes is received and reported in real time. The client sees a complete and detailed report on the operation of the equipment and can assess the technical condition of the equipment and the work of the operators. The obtained data helps the client employees to identify the conditions that increase the fuel consumption and avoid them.


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You can use the similar solutions in your projects. The capacity to implement Galileosky tracking devices is very large. More than 1,000,000 tracking devices are used in different systems from passenger transport monitoring, oil and gas monitoring, mining, and others. Galileosky devices control land vehicles, ships, sports cars and even weather stations.

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