Hazardous waste removal monitoring

The integrator company has equipped special vehicles with Galileosky units for the enterprise that collects, transports and neutralizes hazardous waste. System ensures data confidentiality and provides detailed reports about the quality of work done.

Project background

The company, which is into medical trash removal has modern equipment that allows to neutralize and destruct medical waste and reduce its volume by 95%. Due to careful chemical and thermal treatment, the risk of environmental pollution is minimal.

Usually hospitals, laboratories and infectious diseases departments are the main producers of such kind of waste. But first of all, to neutralize the material, it must be collected and transported to the disposal site. That is the process that needs to be controlled as efficiently as possible. Everything is important: at what time was it collected? Where, how much and what exactly was loaded in the truck? Where the trash was transported to and what weight was unloaded? Total control over collection and transportation process is so strict because of the danger of the cargo. There is a hard ban to unload waste in the wrong places, so government is interested in its’ thorough regulation.


  • Control medical waste collection
  • Update the database regularly
  • Make the photo fixation, capturing the quality of work done



The garbage disposal company uses two types of special vehicles to collect waste: a truck with a bodywork for transporting small tanks, bags and boxes and a garbage truck with a hydraulic system for pressing and transporting more material.

To control both types of transport, engineers opted for Galileosky units and Wialon software. Algorithms for device and peripherals interaction were compiled via Easy Logic technology.

To carry out the project it was necessary to combine into one system:

  • Onboard scales
  • Camera
  • Buzzer for notification of weighing status
  • Weight sensor
  • Galileosky GPS unit


Light trucks were equipped with a 12/220 voltage converter, floor scales, camera, a button to start weighing and a buzzer for sending alerts, all devices are linked together via an algorithm. If weighing was not successful, for example, the weight is zero or more than 150 kg (outside the weighing range), the buzzer will sound 4 times and the algorithm will return to its initial state. And if the weighing is successful, the buzzer will sound 2 times, this is important, as the driver will know that he can carry on and weigh the next package.

The solution for a garbage truck looks a little different. A weighing system is installed into the car's hydraulics. The container clings with loading arm and the mechanism lifts it and overturns the contents into a special compartment. Then, a sensor which is installed in the system, detects that garbage is being collected and initializes the load weight reading, taking a photo. Similarly to the truck, the weighing process is accompanied by a buzzer signal.

After the project test launch, the customer said that the truck transports waste of different types (A and B), and the cargo should be clearly divided into types. The way was to equip system with a toggle switch. The driver will switch it depending on the type of the weighed load.

After weighing and loading, data is structured by geofences and then final report with tables and photos is created.


Guarantee of work done

As a result, a private account with verified access to reports is created for each customer. Due to this, all information about waste volume, service areas, photos of trash tanks remain confidential. It is very important for the end customer.

You can use the same solutions in your projects. Devices have a great potential, so the main thing is to select the peripheral equipment.

Do you have a success story to share? Contact us, we’ll be glad to know about it. The most interesting cases will be published on our website and included into the monthly digest.

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