Harvesters and forwarders with Galileosky


One of the largest special machinery manufacturers installs Galileosky units at a conveyor stage. Forest enterprise managers can monitor crucial parameters and reduce maintenance costs by lowering fuel consumption standards.

Project background

Monitoring of such critical technical indicators as engine load, hydro-systems pressure, chassis condition, cargo weight and fuel consumption allows enterprises to adhere strictly to planned volumes when logging and to use equipment and resources more efficiently.

Owners of logging machines often sent requests to the plant in order to approve monitoring systems installation. Over time, these appeals became widespread and plant announced a tender for the telematics devices supply, and their further installation and maintenance. Having decided on a partner, company began to install units on certain batches of equipment.


  • Special equipment monitoring
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Timely data transfer to the monitoring server



In order to install devices correctly, integrator experts provided the plant with information on the output circuitry and dimensions of the devices. Based on information provided, plant engineers were able to choose an ideal place and method of fastening the Galileosky 7.0 unit.

Thanks to J1939 protocols support, integrator specialists set up control of the operational characteristics. Moreover, by connecting and adjusting the flow meters, they got a big bonus in terms of monitoring fuel on heavy industrial machines.

To control fuel consumption, we often use flow meters. Due to the curved shape of the fuel tank, FLSs cannot provide accurate data. The reason is that there is no suspension on this machines, wheels are installed directly on the axles of the gearboxes, tipping frame makes machine more maneuverable. At the same time, it completely repeats the terrain, which leads to significant fluctuations of fuel level in the tank. Due to these factors, an incredible shaking occurs in the tank while working. It is simply ineffective to analyze the data on the FLS, so we opted for flow meters.

Moreover, when working with flow meters via CAN interface, Galileosky units are the leaders. They accept more than eight parameters of the flowmeter via CAN interface. And can receive data about consumption rate, operating time, attempts to intervene, as well as diagnostic data. In other words: CAN flowmeter operation protocol is fully compatible with Galileosky protocol.


up to 60% fuel costs reduction
Fuel control even in complex-shaped tanks

Logging machines consume a lot of fuel when working hard on one spot without covering long distances. How much fuel did they use, did they work at idle or under load? Now logging spots owners know exact data of the burnt fuel amount.

Forest enterprise managers achieve up to 60% fuel economy. But it depends on the degree of neglect of the fuel control situation. Fuel economy is achieved not due to the fact that the equipment began to consume less fuel, but due to minimizing downtime, optimizing the load of the equipment, identifying the actual consumption and redistributing fuel flows to efficient areas within the enterprise.

Logging enterprises have increased the efficiency of their work due to more competent use of equipment and resources. As a result, this allows to be more competitive, so attractive from the view of cooperation.

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Igor Burmistrov
Igor Burmistrov Deputy Technical Director of the fleet management provider

Galileosky devices allow to connect different peripherals and output data to one device via completely different interfaces. Our company also produces flowmeters and FLSs that combine with the device very well. Nature of settings is clear and transparent as well. Therefore, in order to obtain complex parameters, we use only Galileosky devices today, and units from range 7 meet the needs of customers fully.

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