Gold mining equipment monitoring

Project background

Gold mining company needs to monitor machinery downtime, as it works further than 100 km from the base. Moreover, fuel consumption and location control are also crucial.

One of Galileosky partners copes with this challenge. His solution is Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi, Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub units and Wialon software.


Gold mining company extracts alluvial gold in the Trans-Baikal Region. It is necessary to provide fuel consumption control and equipment monitoring to optimize the performance.


Our partner offered the following solution: to equip the machinery with Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi and Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub devices. The first ones are GPS units created for vehicle monitoring in the areas with poor GSM coverage. The latter, in addition, collect data from other Galileosky units with a complete absence of GSM network.

Data is transmitted to the server via Wialon. The regularity of data uploading is determined specifically for each project. It depends on the number of machines, terrain type, season, etc.


55 units for the project
60 miles away from the base

50 Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi units and 5 Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub units have already been installed on the company’s fleet to provide:


  • drivers’ work control - now management knows exactly how many hours employee worked during the shift;
  • cargo safety;
  • lack of financial losses and costs caused by downtime;
  • resource savings: The company does not spend money on additional fuel.


It is not the first project that our partner has implemented using Galileosky trackers. Find out how Galileosky devices were used in the construction of the gas pipelines. 

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Ilyass Ahajri
Ilyass Ahajri Regional Development Manager Galileosky

The most difficult factor in the gold mining industry are the conditions, where machinery operates. Bad weather and constant lack of GSM network make it difficult to optimize the performance. In addition, machines  work in remote areas, so monitoring allows to keep abreast of.

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