Galileosky helped to investigate the boat wreck


One of the boats, which were equipped with Galileosky telematics system, integrated by SmartBoat specialists, sank in summer 2021.

Project background

All passengers have been rescued, so there were no casualties. The data from the tracking unit helped significantly when collecting analytics on the boats’ performance.

The boat was 16 meters long and could carry up to 10 passengers. The device was connected to water-crafts’ CAN-bus and all the data have been transmitted to the server for monitoring and analysis.

How was the system organized?

Galileosky 7x was the head device, mounted in the waterproof case and connected to all the needed peripherals, especially to the boats’ CAN-bus. That allowed to scan and the sensors network and monitor the vessels’ performance.

Parameters to read

SmartBoat specialists managed to parse:

Engine data – RPM, Water temperature etc.
On-board tools and instruments – sea depth sensor, wind sensor and several navigation sensors.

Thus, here is the list of available information:

  • position and route of boat in last 7 days
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • course and data from boat navigation system
  • engines parameters
  • boat speed
  • sea depth data

SmartBoat team:
SmartBoat team:

We used the Easy Logic tool to tune the data network correctly. So that we can read data from the sea depth sensor. It is very important as we can understand why and when a boat crashed in the sea and many more.

Moreover, the SmartBoat company also implemented the project with access control to vessels by beacons. They opted for Blue PUCK ID ble beacons with Galileosky devices to approve access for authorized IDs only. So, the integrator company provided the motorboat security by blocking its’ doors and hatches.

Maxim Reviakin, the head of regional development department at Galileosky
Maxim Reviakin, the head of regional development department at Galileosky

 This is the outstanding story! The first case study in our experience, where Galileosky devices helped to consider the thread of events and determine the crash cause.  

Apply similar solutions in your projects. The potential of the devices is great, they are used in any area from the passenger transport control to the oil and gas industry monitoring. The devices control vehicles, ships, sports cars and even weather stations.

Do you have a success story to share? Contact us, we’ll be glad to know about it. The most interesting cases will be published on our website and included into the monthly digest.

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