Galileosky devices control the access system of an enterprise with barriers

Geoservice has developed a smart solution to control the entry and exit of vehicles from the enterprise territory.

Smart solutions that save time on checking and logging the necessary information are becoming more and more popular for access systems. For such a project, Geoservice applied a new scheme integrating Galileosky devices with the barriers.


The customer who turned to Geoservice works with third-party carriers to transport the products. The company uses a single barrier to control the entry and exit of vehicles. It was necessary to create a system to automatically create reports with the time drivers spend on site.

Project tasks

Controlling carriers on the following parameters:

  1. time of arriving at the base;
  2. time spent on loading;
  3. vehicle ID and the driver assigned to it.


A signal is sent to the controller input, simulating a person pressing a key. To detect vehicles entering or leaving the territory, Geoservice specialists installed Galileosky 7x devices on both sides of the barrier.

The driver needs to put his RFID card to the reader and if the card is in the database, the barrier opens. If it is not, the event is formed on using an unauthorized key.

When an authorized key is on the reader, the following data packet is sent to the server:

  • event time,
  • status (vehicle entering or exiting),
  • code of the card put to the RFID reader.

Then an event is generated on the server and it can be sent to any other system via API.

Using Easy Logic flexible programming technology, Geoservice experts wrote a script for adding or deleting keys by SMS or GPRS commands. This feature allows you to perform three basic commands: not only adding and deleting keys, but also forcibly opening the barrier. 


Using Galileosky devices for barrier-based access control was a new but successful solution for Geoservice. Thanks to the installed trackers, the customer can check how much time carriers spend on site and receive data on each driver.


Galileosky 7x

A feature rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management

Are you working on a solution or looking for the equipment for your project? Contact our specialists, we will help you to choose the right equipment, and our technical support engineers will consult you on technical matters related to Galileosky products.

You can use the similar solutions in your projects. The capacity to implement Galileosky tracking devices is very large. More than 1,000,000 tracking devices are used in different systems from passenger transport monitoring, oil and gas monitoring, mining, and others. Galileosky devices control land vehicles, ships, sports cars and even weather stations.

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