Fuel control and truck flipping fixation

More than 50 Galileosky tracking devices are used on heavy cargo and mining equipment for the large coal mining company. Thus, monitoring system provides data collection and transmission from equipment in severe climatic conditions out of GSM zone.

About the project

Dozens of dump trucks travel daily from the quarry where coal is mined, to the seaport. The lips of overloaded trucks are a fairly common occurrence there. The peculiarity of this place is that mobile communication is only present in seaport, and the majority of mining machinery works outside the network coverage area.

None of the integrator-companies took this project due to its extremely far location. 


It was important to ensure regular monitoring of equipment:

  • fuel consumption control;
  • the volume of coal transported record;
  • registration of accurate data of the dump trucks flip cases on the way to the seaport.


An additional complication was that such mining equipment as bulldozers, excavators and large-capacity dump trucks do not leave the quarry and never happen to be into the GSM zone. For those machines enormous fuel consumption and the risk of a flipping is very common.


As a test sample, the integrator equipped 5 units of machinery with Base Block Wi-Fi Hub trackers.

This device collects data from other tracking devices in the area with poor GSM signal and then transfers data to the monitoring server in the network coverage area.

Firstly, engineers equipped a bulldozer and fuel tankers, in other words those vehicles that operate in the constant absence of GSM signal. Also the trackers were installed on dump trucks that regularly entering the network coverage area.

First results were received by a tanker that was equipped with a fuel delivery sensor integrated with Base Block device. Thanks to this, engineers were able to see the fuel delivery data control spending. So, 6 tons of fuel were saved during a week. As a result, the client made the decision to fully equip the fleet with the monitoring system. After that, all bulldozers, excavators and mining trucks were set to "Client" mode, and tankers with dump trucks to “Hub” mode. Thus, machines in “Hub” mode collected data from mining equipment, and upon arrival at the port transferred their data and data collected from other vehicles to the server.



out of GSM Wi-Fi solution

Due to the large amount of internal memory and the device reliability the client now has the opportunity to accurately monitor and record dispensed and spent fuel, as well as control the number of flights and unloadings.

In addition, in case of a truck flip all information is recorded. After the truck was evacuated and delivered to the port, the company's management certainly knows for the exact data of the flip circumstances and who was driving the car at that moment.

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