Corporate transport monitoring


The integrator company significantly improved production transport monitoring system of the leader in meat industry. The hardware part of the system was made on basis of Galileosky telematics equipment. Galileosky devices are installed on 1,300 vehicles all over Russia.

Project background

Cherkizovo Group has been using navigation equipment to solve internal logistics and service improvement tasks for several years. Monitoring services market has greatly progressed in recent years, so previous monitoring solution was no longer relevant and did not meet operational requirements.

One of the problems company faced with is closed data transfer protocol in the outdated monitoring system. Monitoring system maintenance depended solely on one company without any possibility to change the contractor. This abnormal situation did not meet corporate standards of Cherkizovo. Company needed flexible and modern monitoring system that will automate transport control in all areas of Group's activities. Fundamentally new level and deep integration with all internal and external information systems led to perfect result.


  • To control transportation safety;
  • To provide reliable logistics that allows to deliver products on time;
  • To comply with required temperature conditions at all stages of product delivery;
  • To ensure biological transportation safety;
  • To automate all business processes related to inter-factory transportation service and packaged products delivery.


The work was lined up in 5 stages:

  • Current monitoring system and previous navigation equipment analysis;
  • Testing technical specifications for monitoring system. Collecting opinions of the specialists Cherkizovo Group factories;
  • Installation plans drawing to organize work on each factory fleet. It depended on type of vehicle: long-distance trucks or other special equipment for factory maintenance (loaders, bulldozers, tractors, combines)
  • Software structure coordination, WIALON installation and configuration of the related components on the Cherkizovo Group servers;
  • Navigation equipment and sensors installation on the fleet.


To meet the high requirements of Cherkizovo Group, Avantern Telematics specialists participated in Easy Logic Practic course. The course was designed and conducted by Galileosky experts to teach how to create complex algorithms, optimize and debug them.

 For 4 months, more than 1,300 vehicles were equipped in 13 regions: from Saint-Petersburg to the Altai Territory.



1300 vehicles to control
13 regions to cover

All transport involved in technological processes - from transporting eggs inside factories to delivering finished products to end customers - is carried out under the control of monitoring system. Risks of biological threats spreading are completely excluded, the humanity level during animals transportation is monitored. Moreover, an in-depth analysis of fuel consumption is carried out and routes are tracked thoroughly. Prompt delivery of chilled products to wide range of consumers in all regions is guaranteed by online monitoring.

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Oleg Usov
Oleg Usov Development Director of Avantern Telematics

Cherkizovo Group needed a modern, modular and flexible system. Therefore, we have developed a solution based on WIALON vehicle monitoring system and the reliable Galileosky telematics equipment. We faced with high processes digitalization, here, in Cherkizovo Group. High level of factory automation required the most modern approaches.


Maxim Revyakin
Maxim Revyakin Head of Sales Department, Galileosky

The main advantage of Galileosky equipment is its high reliability. Innovative telematics technologies embedded the equipment, allow to implement all tasks of changing telematics market. Galileosky products will always perform their best together with the most advanced monitoring systems. Cherkizovo Group is a progressive and technologically advanced company, so the ability to connect new telematics functionality is important for them. Group already identified new functions which will be needed to monitor via GPS devices and now they are working on their implementation.

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