Bus wash spot automation

Easy Logic technology helps to automate bus fleets washing process. A simple algorithm allows to control the bus washing automatically, reduce human factor and reduce the wash spot maintenance cost.

Project background

It is more convenient for car fleets owners to pay for car wash services with non-cash payments than to give cash to drivers every time and ask to save receipts from them. At the same time, a wash spot should control the number of paid car washes and count employees’ salaries.

Initially, this challenge was solved with data collection unit. Bar codes were glued to each bus, the washers scanned them and took the units to the office to upload the collected data on a computer and create a report. Besides the fact that the process was time consuming, this method led to unnecessary costs, because the washers often dropped the scanner and the laser reading element broke. Controlling the number of car washes was also problematic due to the fact that it was profitable for the car wash employees to inflate their reports artificially to get more salary. Therefore, it was decided to automate this process.



Then integrator installed the Galileosky unit for the first time and solved this problem. Every time the bus arrived at the car wash, the washer scanned the driver's card in order to reflect the data on the number of this card in the report. The main disadvantage of this solution was that this system was too complicated. Later, specialists installed the updated Galileosky unit version, which supports Easy Logic technology, simplified this process greatly.

Bus drivers get RFID cards with their own identification number. Every time car wash employees scanned their cards, the program generates reports that include the time and bus number automatically. Moreover, they know how many washes are left out of the amount paid by the owners of the transport companies.


20 minutes to configure manually

Automation scheme made it possible to introduce accounting in order to pay salaries to car wash employees in accordance with the volume of work performed, as well as increase the reliability of this solution and reduce the cost of regular repairs of expensive equipment.

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