Accounting the reasons of agricultural machinery downtime. Version 2.0

Galileosky devices helped to solve agricultural machinery downtime problems. As a result, customer gained the opportunity to track any changes in the machinery performance and instantly react reducing expenditures.

Project background

Integrator prepared a hardware solution with Galileosky units, Easy Logic technology and Owen IP320 operator panels. But the case study went on. Engineers created even more convenient and cheaper option for displaying statistics.



  • Simplify data collection process
  • Make visualization for the operator even more convenient
  • Develop an Android application
  • Create the interaction of Android device with Galileosky unit


The system was built with Galileosky units, Easy Logic technology and the Owen IP320 operator panel. Power supply of the onboard part is optionally DC 12 / 24V (on-board vehicles network) or AC 220V. In addition, operator / driver has an Android device (phone or tablet) next to the dashboard.

Watch It specialists created the interaction of Galileosky unit with the Android device via a wireless Bluetooth channel. An important thing - an employee of an agricultural enterprise can use one phone or tablet to communicate with several equipment units at once.

Galileosky units are equipped with the Bluetooth module and flexible Easy Logic technology, which provides a protocol for working with Android device over a wireless channel. They use it to visualize and receive commands from the operator / driver.

The operator panel displays commands. Information about downtime reasons is registered and sent to Wialon Hosting SaaS platform or to Wialon Local server. With the help of universal Wialon report designer, it is possible to create a report reflecting downtime in various versions.

All received information is recorded into the unit’s memory and sent to Wialon monitoring system via GPRS or Wi-Fi from Galileosky tracking device.



Intergation with Android device
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Experts have developed an Android modification of a previously created hardware solution. It can be adapted for a wide range of tasks: time intervals, reason details, motion capture, etc. All these parameters are adjusted according to specific tasks. The solution has been tested and transferred to agricultural enterprises for trial operation.

It can also be used in construction machinery, transportation, production line.

Data is available for comprehensive analysis In Wialon system.

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Accounting the reasons of agricultural machinery downtime. Version 2.0

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