Galileosky 10
Galileosky 10
Galileosky 10

Advanced functionality for monitoring, controlling and managing facilities


Galileosky 10 combines advanced GPS/GLONASS monitoring Easy Logic and CAN Scanner technologies. The terminal allows with the main standards of cellular communication 2G / LTE (2G/3G/4G), with 2 CAN-buses simultaneously, to transmit data from sensors and devices through the support of protocols RS 485, RS 232, 1-Wire and via Bluetooth 5.0. Galileosky 10 is available with external and internal antennas.

From basic monitoring to automation

The Galileosky 10 HMI also features 4GB of internal eMMC memory, so you can tackle complex vehicle monitoring, driving style and fuel consumption control, as well as fleet and fixed site automation and optimization.

You can automatically control central locking, car engine and even headlights, create polygonal geo-fences and control speed limits in each, adjust light, temperature, humidity level in the room based on sensor readings. Treminal's capabilities are provided by Easy Logic technology.

Twice as many options for working with CAN

Galileosky 10 allows you to find data from two CAN buses simultaneously. The terminal can decode more than 13,000 parameters from the CAN bus via the J1939 protocol.  You spend less time searching for the right vehicle status information. It also supports standard FMS and J1979 protocols. 

Designed for control

Control relays, valves, bulbs, LEDs, buzzers and more with the new Galileosky 10 terminal.The maximum allowable output current has been increased to 200mA, allowing you to not only connect any sensor to the terminal, but also control it freely. And thanks to the adjustable individual pull-up to +2.7V on the power supply at the inputs, the terminal handles even the lowest level of analog signal from the sensors without connecting an additional external resistor.It's just that convenient.

Easy to configure and upgrade

Set up and charge the device via mini USB port without connecting external power. The device has 4 mounting points for convenient installation. The terminal dimensions are only 91x66.5x25.5mm, so compact that it fits in the palm of your hand. The terminal will not stop detecting coordinates, writing track and transmitting data to the server during the update process.

Use 2 SIM cards of different operators and switch between them as you like.

Delivery set
  • Cord set
  • SIM holder
  • Terminal documentation
  • Fuse with holder

Depending on the Galileosky 10 modification, the delivery set is supplemented with GLONASS/GPS and GSM antennas. 

For operation you will need a USB cable, one or two SIM cards, which are not included in the delivery set.

Types of antennas
Internal / External (as option)
Types of antennas GSM
Internal / External (as option)
2 Nano
2G / LTE Cat-1/ LTE Cat-M1
Built-in technologies
CAN Scanner
Easy Logic
Eco Driving
Voice communication
GSM jamming detection
Two server data transmission
Modbus support
Memory Capacity
up to 170 000 points (flash), up to 2 500 000 points per 1 GB (eMMC)
Remote configuring
Driver alerts
Analog-discrete and pulse frequency inputs
Digitals inputs 1-Wire
Digital inputs RS 485
RS 232
Transistor outputs
Power supply
Li-Ion battery
600 mA/h
Incorrect connection and voltage jumps protection
91 x 66.5 x 25.5
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