Galileosky 10 С
Galileosky 10 С
Galileosky 10 С

GPS/GLONASS terminal for solving basic monitoring tasks


Galileosky 10 solves standard vehicle monitoring tasks with ease. With Easy Logic technology and the CAN Scanner tool for analyzing data on the vehicle's CAN bus, you can efficiently manage your fleet, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and prevent errors before they occur. Galileosky 10 C is also characterized by the ability to connect a large number of additional devices and sensors. Galileosky 10 C is available with external and internal antennas for maximum flexibility.

Maximum inputs for integration

The Galileosky 10 C has 10 inputs and 4 outputs, allowing you to transmit information on special equipment parameters, passenger numbers and more - there's enough inputs for everything.

Thanks to integration with a wide list of equipment, you can solve the most unusual tasks from different spheres, for example, set up access to fuel dispensing only after identification, set different messages to the dispatcher by a combination of button presses, notify about fuel drains and more.

Every action is under control

Galileosky 10 C has a built-in accelerometer and supports Eco Driving with instant notifications for the driver. Monitor speed limits on different road sections, detect sharp turns, braking and acceleration and alert the driver to violations.

Support for RS 485 and 1-Wire protocols opens up a wide range of possibilities for monitoring drivers and equipment. The Galileosky 10 C terminal can be configured to track staff work and rest schedules, connect up to 16 fuel level sensors and much more.

Opportunities for top ten

Like all models of the 7x line, the novelty combines a lot of useful features. The terminal works with all 2G / LTE (2G/3G/4G) cellular standards, supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has an internal 600 mAh battery for up to 8 hours of autonomous operation.

Delivery set
  • Cord set
  • SIM holder
  • Terminal documentation
  • Fuse with holder

Depending on the Galileosky 10 modification, the delivery set is supplemented with GLONASS/GPS and GSM antennas.

For operation you will need a USB cable, one or two SIM cards, which are not included in the delivery set.

Types of antennas
Internal / External (as option)
Types of antennas GSM
Internal / External (as option)
2 Nano
2G / LTE Cat-1/ LTE Cat-M1
Built-in technologies
CAN Scanner
Easy Logic
Eco Driving
Voice communication
GSM jamming detection
Two server data transmission
Modbus support
Memory Capacity
up to 170 000 points
Remote configuring
Driver alerts
Analog-discrete and pulse frequency inputs
Digitals inputs 1-Wire
Digital inputs RS 485
RS 232
Transistor outputs
Power supply
Li-Ion battery
600 mA/h
Incorrect connection and voltage jumps protection
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