Galileosky 7x Plus
Galileosky 7x Plus
Galileosky 7x Plus

Leading edge GPS tracker with extensive capabilities. New-generation classics.


Programmable tracking device Galileosky 7x Plus combines well-recognized features of Galileosky v 5.0 and high-end technologies of next-generation devices. Plus Easy Logic features. Plus a powerful tool to data search in CAN bus of any car. Plus Bluetooth interface support. Plus many new useful features.

Next-generation flagship

We expand advanced functionality of new Galileosky 7x Plus: the device becomes more powerful, meanwhile retained the useful features of Galileosky v 5.0. It still has 8 inputs and 4 outputs for additional sensors and devices, 2 SIM-cards support to set the most favorable data transfer in roaming, Eco Driving function with instant notifications to the driver online, the ability to install a 512 GB micro SD card and a 600mAh battery.

Galileosky 7x Plus supports Bluetooth 5.0 interface, which allows to use Exigner Driver App without mobile data transmission.

Changes also affect work with additional sensors and devices. Galileosky 7x Plus records even the weakest signals from sensors without any external devices. Due to the output voltage increased to 200 mA, the device is able to activate relays, sensors and devices with a higher output signal.

For those who value technology

Capabilities of the latest Galileosky technologies make it possible to use Galileosky 7x Plus in projects of any level and purpose. For example, while using Easy Logic technology, you can create flexible fleet management settings, change operation modes in different geofences, and record actions at any stage of work.

RS 485, RS 232 and 1-Wire protocols provide opportunities to monitor the parameters of external sensors and devices. It empowers checking fuel level, tire pressure, count the number of passengers, set object access identification, control temperature, humidity, connect cameras, weight indicators and everything necessary for a specific project.

Thanks to CAN output and CAN Scanner tool support, it is possible to identify the position of the steering wheel and pedals. Therefore, Galileosky 7x Plus is perfect for full range diagnostics.

Convenient installation

Two through holes are specially designed on the device’s body for easy installation. The dimensions of the tracker are only 102 x 68 x 24 mm even with external antennas. At the same time, the tracker is so compact that can fit in the palm of your hand.
Mini USB port provides charging of the device, necessary for its configuration and diagnostics. This is convenient when creating a monitoring system for a large fleet.
Moreover, Galileosky v 5.0 is replaceable with the configured Galileosky 7x Plus, as the contact arrangement of these devices matches-up perfectly. It is enough to fix Galileosky 7x Plus on monitoring objects, connect a 24-pin connector to the tracker and configure it, adding new functionality.

Delivery set

The Galileosky 7x Plus Standard kit includes:

  • Set of wires;
  • GLONASS / GPS antenna and GSM antenna;
  • SIM holder;
  • Documents for the unit;
  • Fuse with the holder.

To begin, you will need a USB-cable, one or two SIM-cards, which are not included in the package (or delivery kit).

Types of antennas
Receiver sensitivity
- 164 dBm
Coordinates determination accuracy
2,5 m
Cold start
< 26 sec
Hot start
< 1 sec
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Types of antennas GSM
Built-in technologies
Memory Capacity
up to 170 000 points; up to 2 500 000 points for each GB by using MicroSD card
Remote configuring
GSM jamming detection
Two server data transmission
Driver alerts
Modbus support
Voice communication
Eco Driving
CAN Scanner
Easy Logic
mini-USB 2.0
Analog-discrete and pulse frequency inputs
Transistor outputs
Digital inputs RS 485
Digitals inputs 1-Wire
RS 232
Voltage range
0-33 V
Measuring resolution
1 mV
Maximum measured input frequency
4 kHz
Individual pull up
10 K Ohm to +2,7 V
Received signal type
Analog Discrete Frequency Pulse
Maximum voltage
30 V
Maximum current
200 mA
Outputs type
J1939, FMS, J1979, OBD-II
29-bit and 11-bit
Power supply
Li-Ion battery
600 mAh
Average power consumption
0,54 W
Operating power supply
9-39 V
Incorrect connection and voltage jumps protection
102 x 68 х 24 mm
Body material
150 gm
IP degree of protection
IP 54
Service life
Service life
10 years
Warranty period
2 years
Internal battery service life
500 charging cycles, 3 years maximum
Conditions of use
Operating temperature range
-40…+85 °C
Storage temperature
-40…+85 °C
Relative humidity
0…90% (0…35 °C); 0…70% (35…55 °C)
Performance (height above the sea level)
0-2000 m
Storage (height above the sea level)
0-10000 m
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