Easy Logic Practic online course

Easy Logic Practic 22 March 2022, 05:00 PM

About the course

Easy Logic Practic course consists of three online lessons where you will create several multifunctional Easy Logic algorithms that you can use in your telematics projects. To obtain the Easy Logic Practice certificate, participants will have to complete several home tasks successfully.

To make the course as effective as possible, we have limited the number of participants. After registration, participants will be moderated.

Lesson 1. Geofences. Flexible behavior setup

  1. Geofences. What types of geofences does the Galileosky device support? Use cases, nuances of geofences usage

  2. Reaction on events. Counters
  3. Commands. Creation of the customized commands
  4. Usage of the user tags

How to get involved?

  1. Register for the first lesson
  2. Confirm your Easy Logic Basic certification
  3. Wait for registration confirmation

How to get Easy Logic Basic certificate?

To obtain the Easy Logic Basic certification, you must complete a free online course at any convenient time. After that, sign up for the Easy Logic Basic test at

Anyone with an Easy Logic Basic certificate can continue Easy Logic technology training in the advanced Easy Logic Practic course.

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