Why is it important to install 33rd firmware?

22 June 2021

To upgrade from firmware version 32 and lower to 34 and older for Galileosky 7x trackers, first upgrade to 33rd . Why?

What's new?

Galileosky developers released a new firmware for Galileosky 7x units - 34. They added a new variable to Easy Logic, which displays the status of connection to the hub. This is convenient, as it allows to monitor the connection status of the Client device to the tracker in the Hub mode and understand if the data transfer is completed. In addition, in 34th version the number of Modbus tags has been increased from 10 to 64.

But the most important feature is: users will now have more memory to load Easy Logic algorithms. The new function makes it possible to create even greater variety of custom scenarios for the unit and peripherals.

But 33rd goes first

However, there is one important point: before using 34th firmware version, you must first update your current firmware to version 33rd. It contains a number of organizational settings that will update the bootloader to version 2.0 and help the following firmware adapt to new functions and work properly.

Next, you need to send the UPGRADEBL command - in the received response you need to remember the 4-digit code and re-send the UPGRADEBL command with this code. After restarting the unit, you need to update to 34th firmware version. This is a must to do if you want to use the latest firmware in the future.

Any questions? Write to us, and Galileosky technical support specialists will help you figure it out.

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