What is new in the Configurator?

17 June 2021

Galileosky developers added Configurator version 4.23.06, stable firmware 26.06 and beta version 31.03 for Galileosky 7x trackers.

With the new Configurator firmware, you can determine the location by the nearest cell tower, process more information into iButton keys in Easy Logic, search for devices by IMEI first digits, find algorithms faster on the PC and select Easy Logic actions in the user-friendly interface.

Determine location based on the data from current cell tower

The vehicle's location can now be determined by the signal strength from the nearest cell tower. This is useful if the SIM card does not have access to the Internet to obtain get GPS data. In this case, the data from the device is sent to the monitoring server, and the software depicts the possible nearest position of the vehicle. The function is especially relevant for equipment that works outside the city, in a quarry, or is often in the low GSM coverage zone. The update allows you to draw the track of the car with acceptable accuracy.

Process more data with keys identification

Earlier, integrators processed a part of the iButtion or RFID key code in Easy Logic only. They set up identification for site or assets access. Now Galileosky developers added the ability to work with additional data recorded in the keys. Therefore, now you can not only check whether this key is trusted or not, but also identify the company, department, or a specific person. And also it became much easier to configure access for a group of keys. In addition, integrators can define flexible reactions of the tracker or peripherals to reading the key via Easy Logic.

Quick access to algorithms on a PC

Previously, to work with algorithms: to open, download or search them, you had to go all the way to My Documents. In other words, the user traveled from the local drive to a folder, and then to another, and so on.

Now the Configurator does this itself. The tool analyzes the contents of PC files and suggests potential locations where algorithms might be located. Usually it offers quick access to three folders: Desktop, My Documents, and Downloads. It doesn't matter what Windows version you have on your computer, now links for quick opening will be located on the left corner of the selection window.

Use two IMEI digits to find the device

Before the update, you had to enter all 15 IMEI digits to find the tracker. An error even in one digit did not allow to find the desired device in the list. Now it is enough to enter one or two digits from any part of the IMEI to see a list of all devices suitable for the request.

This is how contextual search works, it is like a search engine in a browser or numbers in the phone's memory, it highlights suitable results, but at the same time does not hide others. If your client's car fleet is equipped with hundreds of the devices, then you will definitely appreciate this update.

User-friendly interface in Easy Logic "Actions" tab

Scrolling through dozens of lines with Easy Logic actions is no longer necessary. "Actions" were grouped by subject and collapsed into a drop-down list. This speeds the search up and selection of the desired one is significantly faster.

Also Galileosky 7x line firmware contains:

  • Improved display of data in the device information window
  • Added entry of the current date to the Configurator logs
  • Improved sending the archive file to the server
  • Corrected use of variables in Easy Logic
  • Improved display of Easy Logic status on devices that do not support it
  • Improved PIN entry window
  • Improved display of CAN Scanner tab on high-resolution screens
  • Added ability to use LBS as a coordinate source
  • Corrected display of Easy Logic status during remote configuration session

Firmware for Galileosky 7 and Base Block trackers includes:

  • Improved connection to Exigner
  • Corrected work of CAN filters

The new functions will become available after updating the firmware on the "Devices" tab and a new version Configurator installing. Check the update history so as not to miss the release of useful Galileosky features.

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