What's new in the Configurator? Version 5.4.06

26 December 2023

New features and corrections

New features:

  • New firmware 1.3 for devices Galileosky 10 is added.
  • New firmware 47.5 (release-candidate) for devices Galileosky 7x is added.
  • Firmware downloading from the remote firmware update service is implemented.
  • The list of commands for automatic substitution on the Commands tab is updated.


  • The issue with displaying the consumed RAM memory when deleting an algorithm on the "Algorithms" tab is fixed.

Changelog of firmware 1.3:


  • The issue with caused valid coordinates to be determined for a long time is fixed.
  • WebDav operating is improved.



Changelog of firmware 47.5:


  • Stability and performance is improved.
  • Device reboot when loading a file with zero size via WebDav is fixed.



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