What's new in the Configurator? Version 5.2.01

19 May 2023

Users can now configure Galileosky 7x tracking devices via Bluetooth. In firmware 45.0 and higher, functions such as downloading and updating settings, diagnostics, downloading scripts, executing commands and updating firmware are available.

New features

  • New firmware 27.7 for devices Galileosky 7.0, OBD-II is added.
  • New firmware 27.8 for devices Galileosky BaseBlock is added.
  • New firmware 44.5 (release-candidate) for devices Galileosky 7x is added.
  • New firmware 45.0 (beta-version) for devices Galileosky 7x is added.
  • The option to connect and configure trackers via Bluetooth is added.
  • Run event and Incoming event blocks added to the Easy Logic tab.
  • New user interface - Modbus TCP server.
  • New user interface - Escort FLS (RS485, Bluetooth).


  • Scaling of controls on screens with different DPI is fixed.
  • CAN tag settings for Galileosky OBD-II devices is fixed.
  • Program crash during Ins/Outs remote setting is fixed.

Changelog of firmwares 27.7, 27.8:


- If incorrect connection identifier is passed to SendAnswer function the answer will be sent to Configurator. 

Changelog of firmware 44.5:


  • Registration in some LTE networks is fixed.
  • If incorrect connection identifier is passed to SendAnswer function the answer will be sent to Configurator.
  • Loading of string parameters from the device's configuration is fixed.

Changelog of firmware 45.0:

New features:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy is added API in Easy Logic.
  • Configuring via Bluetooth is implemented.
  • Support for up to 3 simultaneous Bluetooth Low Energy connections is added.
  • Command to get BLE MAC address is added.
  • "Run event" and "Incoming event" blocks added to Easy Logic.


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