What's new in the Configurator? Version 4.25.04

04 March 2022

The new version of the Configurator has been released. It now can work with BLE-device packages. The work with a large number of variables in memory has been simplified. And the work with Easy Logic became even more convenient.

New functions

The protocol of the Technoton BLE fuel level sensor has been developed. The manufacturer information in the protocol was updated for the correct parsing of the received message (Firmware 32.9, Firmware 37.3, Firmware 38.2).

The initial data of the Advertise BLE packet is displayed on the Bluetooth tab. It is possible to work with the Advertise packets of any BLE device. The source data is obtained and written to variables (Configurator 4.25.04, Firmware 39.0).

Convenience of working on the Easy Logic tab. When the free field of Easy Logic is clicked on, the selection will be removed from the blocks and other tabs. (Configurator 4.25.04).

It is possible to refer to the address of a variable instead of its name. This makes it possible to cycle through variables knowing their address in memory. It makes it easier to work with a large number of variables in memory (Configurator 4.25.04).

The developers have also fixed a number of bugs and updated a number of firmwares of the tracking devices.

New functionality is available after the firmware upgrade: go to the "Device" tab to install the new version of "Configurator".

Keep an eye on the update history - stay up to date with the new useful tools!

If you still have questions, please contact the technical support.

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