What's new in the Configurator? Version 4.25.02

30 December 2021

There is now a built-in car database in the Configurator, and a file of any Easy Logic algorithm can be shared without disclosing the source code. You can now also use your own servers to upload firmware and algorithms. Galileosky developers have released the Configurator version 4.25.02, added functionality and fixed bugs.

New Features

Local CAN database.

In the Configurator there is a built-in CAN database for more than 200 units of equipment. To use this functionality, just open the CAN Scanner tab, select the make, model and year of manufacturing of the vehicle and get a list of available data for parsing immediately. Then it is enough to specify in what tags they should be written and click the "Apply" button. (Configurator 4.25.02, Firmware 7x v38)

Easy Logic bin files are always at your fingertips.

It is now possible to get a bin file of any algorithm and upload it to the tracking device. This will allow to share the algorithm for further use without disclosing the source code (Configurator 4.25.02, Firmware 7x v38)

Configure the addresses of the servers for downloading scripts and firmware updates directly in the Configurator.

It is now possible to use your own servers to download the firmware and Easy Logic algorithms. To do this, you need to deploy your own server and integrate the protocol into it. (Configurator 4.25.02, Firmware 7x v38)

In addition, the firmware of the tracking devices was updated:

- 230.2 firmware for Galileosky 1.9.0, 1.9.5 tracking devices with bootloader version 0

- 23.24, 25.9 firmware for Galileosky BaseBlock, 7.0 tracking devices

- 31.10, 32.7 firmware for Galileosky 7X tracking devices

- 37.1, 38.0 firmware (beta versions) for Galileosky 7X tracking devices

The developers have also fixed several bugs. The functionality of the variable substitution in the "Send answer" block was fixed. The features when saving and loading filters when saving the algorithm with the calibration table were fixed. Scrolling was added to the interface so that it was possible to use all the functionality of the audio converter of the configurator at a low resolution. Now, when an attempt to add a tracking device to a remote configuration account fails, the IMEI of the tracking device is displayed. The year setting in the "Set geo data" Easy Logic block was fixed.

Together with the new version of the Configurator the errors in firmware 230.2, 23.24, 25.9, 31.10, 32.7, 37.1 were fixed.

This functionality is available after the firmware upgrade: go to the "Device" tab to install a new version of the "Configurator".

Keep an eye on the update history - be aware of new useful tools!

If you still have questions, please contact the Technical Support: support@galileosky.ru

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