What's new in the Configurator? July updates

21 July 2021

In July, Galileosky developers added Configurator version 4.24.03, beta 35.0 for Galileosky 7x trackers, and beta 25.6 for other devices.

In the new Configurator version you can automatically analyze and find data in the CAN bus, quickly record a log to carry out the tracker diagnostics, record coordinates with a weak signal, and set the device reboot period.

Define CAN parameters automatically

A new CAN bot tool is available for 7x devices. It allows to analyze and receive ready-made data on speed, fuel and mileage from the CAN bus automatically.

How it works?

  1. Install the device into the vehicle
  2. Connect the tracker to the CAN bus directly or through contactless readers
  3. Check that the tracker has SD card and internet connection
  4. Send the commands "canregime 240, CAN * bus speed, 2000.0" and "cananal gathering, bin"
  5. Tell the trackers’ IMEI, brand, model, year of car production, mileage and fuel level to Galileosky technical support by calling or sending a message. This information will allow the search for parameters to be carried out automatically.

The CAN bot will analyze parameters and save the data about speed, mileage and fuel after a day of active car movement. This information will be ready to be sent to the server. The set of obtained parameters depends on the CAN-bus of a particular car, in some cases it may contain less information.

* set the CAN-bus speed in your car

Monitor GNSS jamming status

In Configurator version 4.24.03 you can define the GNSS signal jamming status. This allows to find out the cause of the "frozen coordinates" or lack of coordinates remotely.

Fast data collection for unit diagnostics

The Configurator now has automatic data collection to quickly diagnose the problem. Now you can write a log of the tracker operation in all parameters for the selected period of time and save the file with the logs on your PC. Logs can be transferred to Galileosky technical support for detailed records analysis, identification and elimination of errors.

Rapid coordinates fixation

In the new firmware for 7x line devices specialists have implemented the A-GNSS function for Ublox GPS modules. This will significantly reduce the time of fixing coordinates in conditions of poor GPS connection. Reduces the cold start time after leaving the parking lot. The function will be useful if you often drive to places without a GPS signal (for example, underground parking or tunnels).

Set the period for tracker reboot

On the Security tab, you can specify the period in seconds after which the tracker will be rebooted from the moment it was turned on. The minimum period is 10 minutes, i.e. 600 seconds. The update will help eliminate problems with GPRS session hangup and optimize the process of new algorithms debugging.

The new functions will become available after updating the firmware on the "Devices" tab and a new version Configurator installing. Check the update history so as not to miss the release of useful Galileosky features.

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