What to read about the CAN-bus and where to practice searching for data?

09 August 2022

We have selected several useful resources where the Galileosky experts look for theoretical information on how to upgrade their CAN skills.


Visit The company manufactures equipment to work with the CAN-bus. In the Support section you can find a link to the knowledge base, where the steps from basic to advanced are described. The website also publishes news on new CAN features and IT industry news related to vehicle electronics.

This website is suitable for self-education as the company offers free courses about the CAN-bus and gives a good theoretical background for work with vehicle electronics.

Car Hacker's book by OpenGarages

This book is a must-read for a person who wants to learn how to work with the CAN-bus. The author refers to videos and studies by various institutes on CAN-bus operation. One institute has fully parsed the Mazda CAN data.

Comma cabana

At Comma cabana website you can find a demo project for practicing the CAN data analysis and checking out how the different parameters behave while the car is driving. This will help you to get a clearer overview on how to work with the CAN-bus in your vehicle.

Galileosky is one of the world's leading equipment developers for transportation and manufacturing processes digitalization. The company has been in business since 2008 and supplies products to 70 countries worldwide. In 2018, Galileosky opened its headquarters in Hong Kong by the name of Tai Lu Tek. It is an independent business unit with well-established business processes which are procurement of components, Galileosky technology development, production and logistics.

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