What to look for when choosing telematics systems?

22 July 2021

In this article, we will tell you of the most advantageous tracker and software functions for integrators and their clients when choosing equipment for a project.

Galileosky customers noted that telematic asset management systems are becoming an important tool for increasing profitability and competitiveness. A right choice of the tracking device and suitable software will allow you to create a system for automation, reporting, analytics, and even create a basis for predictive analytics.

1. GPS accuracy, GSM stability, Wi-Fi and Iridium support anywhere in the world

Vehicle fleet monitoring with GPS tracking in real time provides information about the location and tells of fixed asset condition. Depending on the challenges, specialists use different channels to transmit information: in urban conditions - mobile communication, in a quarry or forest - Wi-Fi, Iridium - where there is no GSM.

A system based on Galileosky trackers and Wialon software monitors vehicles and stationary objects anywhere in the world. Flexible Galileosky settings and the ability to choose a suitable communication channel allow to monitor the behavior of mechanisms and its’ nodes, evaluate drivers’ work, set up logistics and other business processes in the company.

2. Instant reactions

Powerful software allows to monitor vehicle performance, driver efficiency, receive real-time notifications of violations and deviations, and make decisions based on real data.

The monitoring system will help control important parameters in agricultural activities. For example, imagine the plow deepening process, where violation can cause the growth of a large number of weeds during crop cultivation or a decrease in yield. The system will send a notification about the violation of the process to the driver and dispatcher. Timely information will allow to notice and correct the error as soon as possible.

3. Reports with data about drivers and operators

Telematics system, where data sets are presented in an understandable format, is the key to making the right decisions and preventing risks.

A high-quality telematics solution for fleets offers tools to measure and monitor driver behavior. This allows to analyze such events as hard braking, overspeeding, over-acceleration, over-idling and more. Drivers should be regularly informed about how their behavior on the road affects the people safety and the condition of the vehicle they are using. Eliminating unsafe driving can reduce fuel costs, prolong vehicles’ life by reducing maintenance costs and downtime due to unexpected repairs.

See how many parameters about one driver you can keep under control. Now imagine how you can optimize the process if connect all your employees who have access to machines and equipment to such a system?

4. Integration with software

Galileosky trackers are easily integrated with software products to create monitoring and control systems for vehicles or fixed assets.

Fleet telematics systems must be able to communicate with other business applications via APIs and also have access to databases. All this can be implemented on the selected software with the help of experienced integrators who specialize in the digitalization. The fleet telematics data integration with other business applications creates a comprehensive view of fleet operations and helps employees make business decisions based on information from a single window.

5. Remote configuration

Integrator-companies’ specialists that are engaged in the installation, configuration and maintenance of telematic systems know that in the process of debugging or launching a project, it is necessary to make adjustments to the tracker and peripherals operation. In addition, systems users often want to expand the functionality.

These tasks can be solved remotely, thanks to the capabilities of remote configuration with Galileosky devices: connecting, downloading and adjusting Easy Logic algorithms, changing the device settings.

6. Multifunctional warnings

Timely vehicles service maintenance is an important challenge of fleet management. An effective transport service plan is formed on the basis of data collected from vehicle systems, as well as taking into account the notifications that are collected by the fleet telematics system. This approach will reduce equipment downtime, fuel costs and other consumables. In addition, it will help prevent delivery time delays.

7. Reliable technical support

And last but not least on our list: high-quality customer support. It is considered good practice when manufacturer's project engineer presents product features to familiarize customers with the device potential, and also to assist during all project steps: from equipment and peripherals selection, to the system launch and its debugging.

The library of training courses about products implementation cases indicates that developers support the skills expansion to work with their solutions, are ready to share knowledge so that more and more striking projects appear.

We have listed the important features for modern telematics solutions. Without them, a business can miss out on valuable benefits and spend more where others save big, because what used to take hours can now be done in minutes.

Are you engaged in the selection of equipment for a project? Contact us and we will help you work out a solution.

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