What tasks for the mining sector can telematics solve?

03 February 2023

Join our free webinar on telematic capabilities for the mining sector. Save the date: Tuesday, 7 February, 11 am (UTC +5:30)

Let’s talk about the possibilities and the realized cases at the webinar «Telematic capabilities for the mining sector». Speakers from Galileosky | TLT and Yatis Telematics will discuss the current issues, answer your questions, and give advice on how to apply telematics for your tasks.


  • GSM and Wi-Fi: how does the data transfer logic work?
  • How many “clients" can there be?
  • How to set up a data transmission chain to the server?
  • How to set the tracker's operation mode via Wi-Fi depending on the current geofence and why is it necessary?
  • How to visualize the operating mode of the Wi-Fi module of the tracking device?
  • How to calculate the speed and volume of data being transferred using Wi-Fi Hub?
  • Which memory cards are better to use

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