Updates in the "Configurator" will make it easier for users to work with the J1979 protocol

13 December 2021

Galileosky developers have implemented the new functionality for the J1979 protocol in the beta version of the Configurator.

The users will be able to modify the list of parameters requested by the vehicle via the CAN-bus and the period of their search. Most vehicles do not support all 45 data points that are requested by the tracker at once, so now you can modify the list of requested parameters and thus reduce the searching time accordingly.

Moreover, it is possible to change the period of requesting the parameters of the car.
The user can set any periodicity of sending a request to the CAN-bus, while previously the time interval of 2 seconds was rigidly prescribed.
Thus the user can customise the system of monitoring of the car data and choose the necessary parameters independently in the Configurator.
Download the "Configurator" with the new functionality and get acquainted with the instructions for operation and configuration.

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