Updates in the beta version of firmware 32.2 built into the "Configurator" version 4.25.0

26 November 2021

Galileosky has added the CAN-data base for more than 100 car models to the "Configurator"

In the beta 32.2 firmware version embedded in the "Configurator" version 4.25.0, the Galileosky team has expanded the CAN-data base. Such indicators as "engine speed", "fuel", "mileage" and others are now available for more than 100 cars. Just select the make of the vehicle, model, and year of manufacture. This year we will add several hundred more cars to the CAN-data library. Beta-version of the firmware 32.2 is available after the update of the "Configurator".

Keep an eye on the update history - stay tuned for more useful tools!

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