Unleash the power of BLE with Galileosky | TLT

28 July 2023

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 integrates with Galileosky trackers

Last year we've upgraded the functionality of our GS devices and released the BLE scanner (FW 39.0 or higher).
It allows to search and parse the data from the advert packet of BLE devices and share that data in BLE tags with your monitoring software.

It's possible to transmit up to 64 BLE-parameters.
We're constantly testing different accessories and ideas that could expand your use cases. This time the Xiaomi Mi Band were on our table:

What's special?

  • Driver identification
  • Engine immobilization
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Instant driver notifications

and more.

Actually any devices with BLE could be used. Let’s discuss your cases and thoughts.
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