The new CAN Scanner features make reading data even faster

14 December 2018

Galileosky developers created a new tab CAN Scanner and opened access to Easy Logic for everyone, as well as developed new features and improvements.

Galileosky developers added new functions and parameters to the CAN Scanner tab, which significantly reduce the time for searching and decrypting messages from the vehicle's CAN bus. Now the process of searching the necessary identifier takes twice less time than before.



With the help of Minimum period to highlight tool, you can set the time in seconds. This is useful for filtering out unnecessary parameters so data, that changes faster than the specified period, aren’t highlighted in red color.

The new Clear button updates all working field messages and deletes user settings. If you push the button, all messages will be updated.

The tab interface update has made the data reading process easier. The general features buttons Start receivingAdd filter and Clear are now placed in the upper left corner of the CAN Scanner. You can copy each message for sending to the vehicle CAN bus, delete and edit.

CAN Scanner comes with the new columns Count and Period in order to navigate the total mass of all messages. Count shows how many times and Period – at what frequency rate the messages are being received. This helps to understand when the next message is going to appear at all CAN bus messages come with a different delay.

In the Transmission field for sending messages to the CAN bus, it became possible to edit the identifier in order not to delete the message and not to copy it again. Now you can send messages to CAN once or continuously by ticking the Periodic send field.

We always aim to improve our products, usability, and efficiency for you. If you have any suggestions or feedback on CAN Scanner, send a request to the technical support department or contact us in any way convenient for you.

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