October updates. New "Configurator" functions

03 November 2020

In October, Galileosky developers released firmware 24.8 for Galileosky 7x units and firmware 23.8 for Galileosky 7, Galileosky Base Block and Galileosky OBD-II trackers. New "Configurator" 4.20.8 version opens up opportunities for remote diagnostics and operation with data storage. Moreover, developers expanded features for remote control by sending commands.

Control the data transmit process

Galileosky developers added the function to Device tab which displays the number of unsent points. This a is convenient service function that allows to see how many points are in the queue to be sent from the internal memory to the server. This is highly acute when there are problems with data transfer. You can notice the problem timely and take actions to eliminate the cause of the failure quickly.

Connect and disconnect SD card by a command

Now, in order to reconnect it is not necessary to insert and remove the memory card manually, you can just send a command. If the line is colored in red, it means that the SD card is disabled. Maybe it is not inside the slot or the card is inserted into the device, but it did not connect automatically. In this case, send the MOUNT command to connect it to the device. If you need to disconnect the card without removing it from the unit, do it with the UMOUNT command.

Switch between GPS coordinates sources automatically

Coordinates can be received from peripherals, connected via Easy Logic/RS 232 from the internal navigation module inside the unit. In cases when an external device stops working, you need to switch to the internal data source. It is possible to set the timeout for switching from external to internal source. For example: after ten seconds after the connection is lost, the unit starts sending data from the internal module automatically.

Receive diagnostic data in response to a command

Now you can send commands to the unit through the code in Easy Logic and the response contains diagnostic information. This expands the range of possible actions and allows to analyze the status of the device deeper. The list of commands is big and has more than fifty options, you can get access to them by request at support@7gis.ru

Save log of the device performance to the internal memory and to the server

Thanks to the new function, you can select the necessary parameters for recording, start logging, complete it and send a diagnostic file to the server for storage or analysis remotely. All this can be done by a command. Moreover, the recording is stored in the internal flash memory; the SD card is not needed.

Recover user data and array from the last archive record

This is a useful innovation for those who work with algorithms and scripts. While the algorithm is being executed, custom tags and datasets store information and then send data to the server. Before the update, the device restart led to a complete recorded data loss during the algorithm operation. Now this information is recorded into to the archive and restored after restart.

And also for Galileosky 7x, Galileosky 7, Galileosky Base Block and OBD-II ranges:

  • Saving of Easy Logic block "Set geodata" is added
  • Columns display of on Protocol tab is added
  • Emergency crash on underloaded tabs is implemented
  • An opportunity to resize mini calculator on CAN Scanner tab is added
  • Crash of the application when deleting the last line in iButton tab is fixed
  • Ban on writing null iButton keys is added
  • User tags display on Protocol tab is added
  • Extended tags setting is added

Fast switching between Wi-Fi and GPRS

Now switching between Wi-Fi and GPRS networks on Galileosky 7.0 and Galileosky Base Block units will be even faster. The developers reduced the timeouts for faster alternative connection activation. If the Wi-Fi access point is disconnected, data transmission will be restarted after 30 seconds via GPRS.

The firmware for Galileosky 7, Base Block and OBD-II ranges also contains:

  • The CLEANPHOTOQUEUE command update
  • Improved stability of dynamic archive on internal memory
  • Modified setting of external power input at device startup
  • Improved Wi-Fi networks detection during their long absence

New functions will become available after the firmware update. Check the changelog so you don't miss an important update.

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