New horizons of remote configuration service: free video course available

08 August 2023

We've launched a course to introduce users to the new features of our remote configuration service.

Remote tracker setup allows avoiding on-site visits, and to make the process even more convenient, simpler, and faster, we've added new functionalities to the remote configuration service. Learn all about the updates with our four video tutorials.

The updated remote configuration service not only enables you to change settings but also provides advanced features:

  • create a structured management system for your entire equipment fleet
  • flexibly provide access to individual tracker groups or management functions to your employees and clients.

Moreover, the remote configuration service has a web interface with the following features:

  • view the structure of your trackers group
  • obtain information about specific terminals
  • terminal registration/deregistration
  • work with file storage: view the list of files, upload new ones, or download existing ones
  • manage account settings in your personal dashboard
  • grant technical support engineers access to your devices

We've prepared a video course that explains step-by-step the features and nuances of using the remote configuration service:

Video 1. Device group tree: tips on organizing the folder structure, registering trackers, viewing and changing tracker settings.

Video 2. Managing tracker access, sending commands, group actions, sharing access.

Video 3. Flexible trackers filtering and sorting. Loading / unloading the list of trackers. Using file storage. Web interface functionality: managing devices in your account, sending commands, updating firmware, or uploading algorithms from a browser window.

Video 4. Web interface: role-based access system to work with equipment and trackers (e.g. full access for engineers and limited access for installers, a separate client account with access only to his equipment); «invite support engineer» feature.

Check out the course: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYqPMC5GENvPtd9Jluqks42X6zxTQJzSw

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