What's new in the Configurator?

18 May 2021

In April, Galileosky developers presented the 4.23.01 Configurator version and stable firmware 24.19, 26.04 for Galileosky 7x line.

With the new Configurator firmware, you can set the logic for switching between SIM-cards and implement any scenario of their work in Easy Logic. Moreover, use RS 485 port to configure the alternate performance of FLS and devices with ModBus support.

Switch between SIM cards via Easy Logic

With the new version release you can switch between SIM-cards not only within seven preset modes, but also create your own logic for cards switching using the Easy Logic algorithm block. In its settings, you can set the conditions when active SIM control is completely shifted to the algorithm side.

The new function is convenient when working in different geofences, when it is necessary to change the active SIM for stable data transmission to the monitoring server or for more economical traffic consumption. You can also configure fixed switching times to reduce latency and avoid gaps in the data stream.

Use RS 485 to connect two devices

We added new function to connect FLS and devices with ModBus support in the RS 485 port. Now, if a FLS and a ModBus device are installed on the vehicle, then you can simply connect two signals to one RS 485 input and work with them one by one. This will help specialists to save time and pay less for additional peripherals.

For 7x, 7.0 and Base Block devices the developers have improved:

  • Operation of serial interfaces;
  • Work of an autoinformer with negative coordinates;
  • Sending archive data on SD card to an additional server;
  • GSM operation;
  • Sending ACS data;
  • Hub-to-hub connection with prohibition of data uploading via the cellular network;
  • Operation with SD cards.

Additionally to these changes, firmwares for the 7x line have been added: release candidate 28.02, beta 30.00, beta 31.00, beta 30.02, beta 31.01, with:

  • Optimized work of GSM;
  • Optimized operation of serial interfaces;
  • Improved work of the autoinformer with negative coordinates;
  • Corrected sending archive data on the SD card to an additional server;
  • Improved Hub-to-hub connection when prohibiting data uploading via the cellular network;
  • Improved work with SD cards;
  • The sending of data to the pressure control system has been corrected.

In firmware 25.00 for Galileosky 7 and Base Block devices:

  • Improved diagnostic subsystem;
  • Added the ability to disable file system journaling on SD;
  • Added read mode for SD card.

And in the firmware 232.2 for the Galileosky 5.0 unit, the notification via SMS and calls when an alarm is triggered has been corrected, and the maximum length of the response to the commands of the remote configuration server has been increased.

The new functionality will become available after updating the firmware on the Devices tab and installing a new version of the Configurator. Follow the update history so as not to miss the release of useful features of Galileosky devices.

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