New CAN-base appeared in the Configurator

22 July 2021

Galileosky developers added a built-in CAN database to the Configurator, in which users of 7x line units will be able to get such ready-made parameters as Engine RPM, Fuel, Mileage, etc. You only have to select the brand, model and year of the car.

At the moment, the database contains data about cars, requests for which were most often received by Galileosky's technical support: Toyota, Hyundai, Renault. It is enough to select the parameters of interest and get the ready result in the CAN Scanner.

Thanks to the new feature, you won't have to delay your vehicles while you manually search for data. The CAN database will find them for you, significantly reducing time. Moreover, now you can immediately find out if there is a CAN parameter you are interested in in a particular car, and, if it is not there, then try to parse data with other tools.

After automatic analysis, in the Comment field you will see an explanation of what the found parameter is responsible for. For example RPM, temp, fuel level, speed, mileage, etc.

You can download the new Configurator version to check the handy tool.

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