Matt Watson: feedback about Galileosky training

01 September 2021

Matt is the one who enrolled in the Galileosky partner program and passed free online courses. It took him a bit more than 2 weeks. Here is what he thinks of Galileosky courses: GS Advantages, Easy Logic Basic and Easy Logic Practic.

Matt Watson, Managing Director at Plug N Play Solutions LTD
Matt Watson, Managing Director at Plug N Play Solutions LTD

We decided to organize the text in the interview format. Thus, it will be easier to follow the structure and get inspired by Matts’ vision and thoughts.


Matts’ company is a telematics system integrator in the UK. They program local operator systems and remote control systems to keep an eye on heavy machinery and expensive equipment. These machines are generally mobile, so they might go to remote areas. This is the reason why it is necessary to see what’s happening with the machinery where they are and be able to send specific commands to shoot them down or analyze them remotely.

How did you know about the Galileosky partner program and training materials?

We were testing the devices by Teltonica, but they weren’t as flexible, particularly in terms of CAN-bus monitoring, as we needed them to be. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the ability to read any CAN-bus values, so we faced  the challenge to find a device which could provide such functions.

After that I saw the Galileosky device on one of the monitoring platforms. I was very impressed by the functionality and what the Galileosky device actually can do. Later, It became clear that trackers’ potential is bigger, if you are familiar with features and tools. This was the reason to start exploring Galileosky technologies and other offers.

How much time did it take you to pass GS Intro, GS Advantages and Easy Logic Basic courses?

It took me two weeks in total for all the courses. I started with Easy Logic Basic because I wanted to use the technology in our projects, so I was trying to learn more.

GS Advantages took me 2 or 3 days. I spent 2 hours every day after work, so it wasn’t a problem for me to combine training with other activities.

Easy Logic Basic took me even quicker because I downloaded the Configurator for training, create algorithms so I was familiar enough with the technology. Moreover, my programming background helped me significantly.

Now, I’m into an Easy Logic Practic online course and after that will get down to CAN Pro to master the CAN Scanner tool.

Matt Watson

In which course did you get the most knowledge about equipment? Would you recommend it to your colleagues?

I really liked the product overview that your managers gave me together with informative marketing materials about tools and technologies. Especially the comparison chart was useful for us, because we showed it to our customers as well.

What is your general impression about the structure of our training program for partners?

The structure of the courses was generally very good. I’ve been impressed with the recent one – Easy Logic Practic. This is the course that I have studied with the project manager Alex. She is the project manager in Galileosky.

Until recently I was not sure of how the KML file and the geofence itself really worked and Alex explained how the numbers in the KML file relate with the coordinates. I’ve also seen the Youtube channel. There is a lot of content there.

By the way, she is great and is really passionate about what she is doing. She is also very knowledgeable and always trying to do her best while teaching partners, so I put 5 for teachers’ performance.

If talking about GS intro it was a nice course about the hardware part of the devices. It gave me the confidence that the unit is as flexible as I thought it was. Particularly talking about the commands – they are a really powerful feature. I definitely think that the commands are a valuable advantage for me to opt for Galileosky devices.

Where are you going to use skills, gained during the training?

In the nearest future we are going to equip the mobile machinery unit. On this project we need to parse all of the engine parameters and also receive information from the attachments connected to the engine. These will be transmitted from the control system.  Thus, we’ll het the CAN information, which we will easy be able to read and send it up to the server with the Galielosky 7X LTE device.  Once the data is on the server we will  use it to monitor and fine tune the equipment remotely. This will enable us to monitor the performance and optimize the equipment’s running.

So don’t hesitate to dive into the Galileosky training program. You can start with GS Intro to get familiar with products and technologies and then enroll on Easy Logic course to gain practical skills of creating algorithms.

Faced with the challenge to monitor fleet performance? Go to the CAN Pro course, where we explain how to work with CAN-bus and parse data with Galileosky devices.

All courses are free. Contact us to find out the details and decide on what to start with. If you have any technical questions – talk with our support manager to figure out.

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