Join the webinar "The Most Flexible Telematics Driver App Ever"

19 November 2019

Join our free webinar to find out all the advantages of Exigner App which displays any vehicle or driver performance data on any smartphone or tablet screen in real-time. Moreover, the driver App operates in online and offline modes and makes it easy to share a dashboard.

Take part in the free webinar “The Most Flexible Telematics Driver App Ever” to find out all the opportunities and advantages of the new innovative Driver App Exigner. 

 Attend the webinar where you will find out: 

  • A completely new approach to motivating drivers to increase business efficiency;

  • Key advantages and benefits of Exigner;
  • What difficult tasks do you solve with the new application?
  • Create your own exign: how to customize what you want

Date: Tuesday, 26 November

Time: 12:00 p.m. (GMT)

Each participant of the webinar will be able to get answers to questions in the live chat.

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