479 New ISOBUS Parameters: Galileosky Trackers Unlock Easy Data Analysis

27 February 2024

This will allow the Galileosky CAN scanner to automatically parse more data from trailer equipment.

The J1939DA protocol, which already supports 13,054 parameters, now includes an additional 479 new parameters according to the ISOBUS protocol. This allows the CAN scanner of the Galileosky trackers to automatically analyze more data from trailed equipment.

What does the support of the ISOBUS protocol provide?

The new tool significantly simplifies the work with CAN data from trucks, agricultural, construction, and other special equipment.

Which parameters can be analyzed according to the ISOBUS protocol?

For example, among the 479 new parameters, there is control of the operation of the tractor's attached and suspended units, the position of the hydraulics, the performance indicators of the power take-off shaft, the transmission of revolutions, the control of auxiliary valves, and other parameters of the movement of the trailed equipment.

For whom?

The ISOBUS protocol is mainly used for trailers and vehicle modules. Therefore, the new function will facilitate the work with trucks, construction, agricultural, and other equipment.

Want to learn more?

Watch the video instruction for a detailed explanation of the new function.

Update the firmware and use the new function!

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