How to persuade a customer to use high-quality equipment?

12 October 2017

At any negotiations, presentations of GPS equipment at various events and exhibitions, the most frequently asked question is "how much is it?". Does this mean that price is the most important factor for making a purchase? Not at all, because...

At any negotiations, presentations of GPS equipment at various events and exhibitions, the most frequently asked question is "how much is it?".

Does this mean that price is the most important factor for making a purchase? Not at all, because in the B2B market the buyer spends the company's money, not his own. Therefore, the sensitivity to the price is not so high – no one is chasing for say $20 savings, it is much more important to choose a technological solution that will last for many years, and not cause a "headache".

If we are talking about the choice of GPS tracking device, among the most crucial factors are: reliability, longevity, functionality, as well as flexibility, i.e. the possibility of making improvements over time.

Choose a first-class solution

Choosing high-quality equipment, the end customer avoids additional costs for complete replacement of equipment (cheap tracking devices are unlikely to last longer than 2 years), costs for diagnostics, repairs and site visits for service.

Considering the rapid technological progress, it is much more efficient to invest in flexible solutions, with sufficient extensibility to implement any changes. Multifunctionality is a must in the context of the growth of customers' needs.

In other words, high-quality equipment operates on the "set and forget" principle. Using Galileosky tracking devices, integrators around the world get higher margins, are confident in the proposed solution, and customers remain satisfied and develop long-term cooperation. Recommending Galileosky, integrators are remembered by end users as experts who offer a high-quality and exclusive solution.

Never start negotiations with the price

One of the most important rules for winning projects is never to start negotiations with the price. Choose the best product for your customer and be confident in what you offer. Remember, the loyal customer will recommend your services to others and you will get even more projects.

Be an expert

When you know, what you sell the customer feels it. The more you know – the more customers you can attract. Keep studying the product to understand the technical characteristics and capabilities of the tracking device. Become a Galileosky expert, visiting free webinars and seminars, studying the instructions for connecting new external devices. Take the trackers for a free test to experience first-hand all the possibilities.

Be different from others

When proposing a solution, focus on unique advantages of equipment. Tell your customer about the innovative development of Galileosky – Easy Logic technology; explain the possibilities of flexible settings and configuration on-the-air. Just show the track to the customer, this is the best indicator of the quality.

Emphasize that Galileosky equipment is remarkable for a large number of inputs/outputs of different types and has an open protocol. So, you can connect and integrate various additional devices to solve almost any tasks, use monitoring software to your taste or painlessly replace one software for another.

Get to know your customer better

Having discussed the advantages of the product, try to find out what the customer needs and wants. At this stage, it is the right time not only to draw up a detailed "portrait" of the tracking device in terms of technical parameters, but also to find out the required installation time and availability of a product. Once you find it out feel free to discuss the price. Do not forget that Galileosky can provide custom-made trackers, therefore, you will not have to overpay for unnecessary functionality.

Handle the objections

Do not leave the customer's objections unanswered. "Expensive"? Explain why it is worth buying. Considering the practice of using Galileosky GPS devices, the investment pays off after the first month. The longer service life of the solution – the higher ROI is. Galileosky hardware is one of the most reliable and durable on the market. It’s estimated service life is 10 years and the reject rate is less than 1% of all  released products.

The customer claims that the solution is "excessively functional"? Clarify, how easier it will be to upgrade the solution in the future, than to re-equip everything from scratch. Provide examples of more significant economic results when implementing a non-standard solution. And, finally, offer to pay only for the required functionality by ordering custom-made devices.

If, as an argument, the end user states that he does not want to use hardware and software from different manufacturers, explain that you choose only the best components of the monitoring system from companies that specialize in their fields. Thus, the system will be more qualitative and flexible.

Call the manufacturer for assistance

Do not neglect the help of the manufacturer, even if you have rich experience in transport monitoring. The personal Galileosky manager will provide comprehensive support. From assessing the technical requirements of the end user, discussing the customization conditions and to joint participation in negotiations with customers or making presentation together online.

In addition, Galileosky is ready to discuss mutual exhibiting, provides free marketing materials to partners, and redirects the requests of end customers for the purchase and installation of trackers to reliable integrators in the regions.

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