Helpful how-to articles about Galileosky devices

28 August 2021

Technical support specialists have created a section in the knowledge base where you can get familiar with those instructions and tricks about Galileosky trackers, that are absent in the documentation. We collected the client's experience of trackers performance and described how to integrate peripherals.

How did these articles appear?

While communicating with clients and processing their questions, it turned out that the majority of questions are about technical difficulties that are not described in the documentation. Therefore, during several years, the technical support staff collected similar questions, divided them by topic and prepared detailed answers in shape of the article.

Ignacio Viveros, Galileosky regional development manager
Ignacio Viveros, Galileosky regional development manager

We decided that this information will be extremely useful to our partners, as it will allow them to find solutions to technical issues quickly and independently.

Why don't we add it to the manuals?

The fact is that the information contained in the knowledge base describes the solution of narrow technical problems. Thus, it does not refer to any specific instruction and may be about different tracker functions. Moreover, it is not so relevant for a large number of clients as to add the information in the manuals and increase the instructions volume. New materials contain answers to specific highly specialized questions.

Do the articles relevant to my tracker model?

In the knowledge base you will find answers related to both modern flagships and earlier models. A huge number of devices is still in use. There are Galileosky 5.0, 2.5, 2.4, 1.8.5, as well as Base Block, Galileosky 7 and 7x. Thus, previous models users can also find out the tricks of connection, peripheral integration and so on.

How to get to the knowledge base?

If you are looking for information on the devices operation, then follow the link from the website to the knowledge base, where the user manuals and all instructions are located. On the left side of the screen, there is an icon that allows you to access the knowledge base.

If you have questions about the connection and operation of the devices, the answers to which you did not find in the knowledge base, please contact technical support

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