Galileosky Transport message system. TCP Modbus server

20 November 2023

What are the new application possibilities of Galileosky trackers? We will tell you in the next webinar "Galileosky Transport message system. TCP Modbus server".

Nowadays the most widespread application of GLONASS/GPS trackers is monitoring of vehicles and machinery.

In this new webinar we want you to see the device in a totally new way: Galileosky trackers can control stationary objects and perform the functions of an industrial controller.


We will talk about the significant improvements that these features provide:

  • The Galileosky transport message system is a technology that allows your trackers to communicate to coordinate events and actions;
  • Support for the TCP Modbus industrial protocol is an enhancement that will allow the tracker to be used as an industrial controller.


 November 23, 17:00 (UTC+3).


Register to participate and share the link with colleagues.

We are looking forward to see you!

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