Galileosky solutions for refrigerator performance control

22 March 2017

One of the most significant new features for the Galileosky tracking device called Base Block occurs to be archive uploading from SD card with every second detalization, regardless of the configured frequency points recording.

Take part in a webinar “Solutions for refrigerator performance control, combined with Galileosky tracking devices”, where you will find out:

  • From what recorders for refrigerators Galileosky devices can read data.
  • How to install different types of recorders and what peculiarities of iQFreeze installation are.
  • What data can be acquired and how the information is transmitted to monitoring server.

Date: Thursday, April 6

Time: 10:00 a.m. (GMT)

Each participant of the webinar will be able to get answers to questions from the technicians in the live chat.

The webinar is free and will take you about one hour. Please, register now to make sure you get a place: 

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