Galileosky released the input expansion unit

20 November 2020

Galileosky developed a new device to expand the number of inputs and outputs on the tracking unit. New expander features allow to use more sensors and devices to meet complex project challenges: set the work sequence and transfer data to the monitoring server.

Just plug and play

The device allows to add six additional inputs, four outputs, two CAN-buses and one RS 485 digital output. This means, if you connect the expander to Galileosky 7x unit, then you can use twelve inputs, eight outputs, two digital RS 485 interfaces or four CAN buses.

You can control peripheral settings and configure algorithms via built-in Easy Logic technology. In addition, the device supports CAN Scanner tool to search CAN data in any vehicle. Galileosky's exclusive technologies will allow integrators to reach full potential of the monitoring system.

According to project challenges, you can connect the expander via CAN or RS 485. At the same time, the expansion unit can be installed anywhere in a car or on a stationary object, there is no need to attach it to the tracker. The device does not have GPS module. Also, you don’t have to insert SIM card.

Use standard Configurator program to configure the settings. To make the expander perform correctly, download the algorithm, which is sent in a file format along with the delivery. Experts will be able to transform it for the project's challenges independently.

Expander use cases

The device has already proven itself in several car sharing projects. The expander, together with Galileosky trackers could be installed on different passenger cars to use a larger number of outputs for automation, remote control and other service functions.

Moreover, one of the largest oilfield service companies implemented the device in a monitoring system for hydraulic fracturing in the far north. The customer needed to control pump fuel consumption on different operating modes and minimize it, as well as receive data about pressure and amount of the chemical mixture. To succeed, the integrator needed to receive data and control the performance of many analog sensors, with the expander together with Galileosky 5.0. And with Easy Logic technology set the order of actions and surpassed all the results.

To test or request the expander, please contact our sales managers. We can change the number and type of interfaces by request. If you need to add, for example, 1-Wire or RS 232, ask your manager to calculate the individual production cost.

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