Galileosky recommends to upgrade the GPS trackers firmware

24 May 2019

Galileosky developers have improved battery charging algorithm to provide better device performance and longer service life.

Galileosky developers have improved battery charging algorithm to provide better device performance and longer service life. To make trackers operate smoothly under any weather conditions Galileosky recommends to upgrade the firmware for the Galileosky 7 and Base Block devices to the version of 20.8 or higher and 231.36 и 229.14 stable firmwares for Galileosky v 5.0, v 5.1, v 4.0, v 2.5.

Download the latest version 4.18.11 of «Configurator» here. To update your firmware remotely using the Upgrade 0 command. 

Follow Configurator updates to install them and use the opportunities of GPS devices to the maximum.

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