Galileosky launches new CAN bot testing

04 December 2020

Galileosky welcomes professional integrators to participate in the new tool testing. CAN bot is the feature to parse CAN-bus data of any vehicle automatically. CAN bot, together with CAN Scanner is a perfect set to use more CAN data in monitoring projects.

How does CAN bot work?

An exclusive CAN bot feature is that it determines parameters that are contained in specific ID bits and bytes automatically. Now there is no need to identify the required parameter manually, CAN bot will do it for you.

At the same time, users still have an option to choose between the new automatic CAN bot and the proven CAN Scanner tool, which helps to find the rarest and unique CAN parameters.

When will we announce CAN bot?

CAN bot is created and now is on testing phase. As soon as the tool is finalized following the test results, Galileosky will bring it to the world market. Now it is important to specify on testing, improve user experience and work out different CAN-bus interaction schemes. Therefore, Galileosky invites partners to take part in the important stage of the new product creation.

How to take part?

1. Inform us that you want to participate.

2. Tell us brand, model, year of production, vehicle mileage and units’ IMEI.

3. Equip your car with any Galileosky 7x range device with SD card support.

4. Connect unit to CAN-bus and run the CAN Scanner to check that CAN data is received.

5. Send two commands, which technical support will provide you with.

6. Use the car as usual for several days.

7. Share CAN bot performance results with Galileosky specialists.

As a result, you’ll get the parse parameters from vehicle CAN-bus and apply them in projects. The more car brands and models are involved in testing, the more CAN data you get. We are also ready to share decrypted parameters by request.

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