Galileosky launched the new CAN Pro video course

13 May 2021

Galileosky released the new step-by-step video course from basic CAN knowledge to professional CAN data parsing skills. It will be useful for telematics experts and advanced solutions providers.

Ignacio Viveros, Galileosky regional development manager
Ignacio Viveros, Galileosky regional development manager

We hope the course will help you find the CAN data in any vehicle. You can watch the lessons as many times you need and ask questions if there will be some.

Course agenda:

• What is CAN-bus? Tech specs and interfaces
• Galileosky features for working with CAN-bus
• How to configure the device to work with the CAN-bus?
• How to work with standard j1939 and FMS protocols?
• How to work with j1979 standard protocol?
• How to find data about doors position in CAN-bus?
• How to find RPM data in the CAN-bus?
• How to find mileage in the vehicles’ CAN-bus?
• How to find the fuel level in the CAN-bus?
• How to send commands to the CAN-bus?

In order to get CAN Pro certificate, you have to decrypt the real CAN log by Galileosky support engineer successfully. Send the request to get the log 

It is high time to master the CAN Scanner tool and become Pro to increase sales and implement any customer projects.

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