Galileosky launched new online course for sales manager

05 March 2021

GS Advantages is the new online training course by Galileosky. Sales specialists will find it useful as they learn the whole nine yards about Galileosky products and understand their use cases better.

Ilyass Ahajri, Galileosky Regional Development Manager
Ilyass Ahajri, Galileosky Regional Development Manager

Technologies, skills and know-how are the main development powers for world market companies. Therefore, we have prepared useful materials to give you a clear understanding of capabilities, key benefits and use scenarios of Galileosky solutions.

You will find out:

What advantages differ Galileosky on the world market?

How to use GPS trackers apart from vehicle monitoring?

How to convince a potential customer to use Galileosky products

In order to get GS Advantages certificate, you have to pass a test successfully. Send the request for the test 

Become Galileosky experts to increase sales and implement any customer projects.

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