Galileosky is the smart choice for industrial automation

23 October 2023

We have uploaded a series of videos on how Galileosky trackers work in industrial automation.

There are 3 video tutorials available on our YouTube channel on how to use the trackers in SCADA systems:

We explain the peculiarities of operation and show how to configure the tracker in each mode.

Why use the tracker in industrial automation systems?

  • Possibility to realize new projects in industry
  • More budget solution compared to industrial controllers
  • -Flexibility of settings and control of objects at long distances with GSM communication.

Expand the use of trackers in new areas and directions!

Please note that Modbus-TCP server functionality is available on 7x Wi-Fi Hub (starting from firmware 44.4) and 10 Hub (starting from firmware 1.1) trackers with Configurator version 5.2.01 and higher.

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