Galileosky is producing and selling terminals as usual. The main thing about Galileosky in the current situation

10 March 2022

It’s not easy those days. We can't influence big politics, but Galileosky is responsible for its obligations, for its partners, for its employees. We take it very seriously. We will work as before, maintain quality and fully meet our obligations.

Over the weekend, we developed Plan B. It allows us to develop new projects and meet all the contractual obligations Galileosky has now.

What are we going to do?

Components: Four years ago, we opened an office in Hong Kong to optimize the component supply chain, Tai Lu Tek (HK) Ltd. The component supply business has been running for four years. It is stable.

Logistics: the situation with the transportation companies is changing all the time. Now we are working on all possible logistics scenarios. The solution will be found soon. We will let you know about it.

Production: Galileosky is setting up the production of tracking devices in Hong Kong. The Galileosky production plant is operating in a regular mode. All production facilities are loaded.

Finance: Galileosky accounts are operating. We accept payments and pay the bills of the counterparties in all countries around the world. If the situation changes, we have current accounts in foreign banks, including the bank account of Tai Lu Tek (HK) Ltd (Hong Kong, China).

We have also made several decisions regarding the marketing and the team.

The Galileosky brand will be promoted globally by Tai Lu Tek (HK) Ltd.

The Galileosky brand will be represented in each region of the world by the regional sales manager:

  • Hamed Kazemi, Business Development Manager at the Middle East 

  • Daniel Oniskiv, Regional Sales Manager at Asia 

  • Ignacio Viveros, Regional Sales Manager at Latin America

  • Alena Spirina, Regional Sales Manager at the Central & South Africa

  • Ilyass Ahajri, Regional Sales Manager at North Africa

What do we think about the situation?

Any conflict must be resolved peacefully. Сountries are much more tightly connected economically than politically. We do our best to ensure that neither people nor businesses suffer losses due to political instability. 

In a situation of uncertainty, we strive to keep a cool head and make reasonable decisions. 

Our goal now, as before, is to fulfill our obligations towards our partners, develop the technologies and create high-quality products. The entire Galileosky team is now working focused on maintaining the stable relationships with partners and timely supply of the equipment.

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