Galileosky introduces new integrations

11 September 2017

Galileosky developers have significantly expanded the list of integrated devices for the last couple of month. Among them...

Galileosky developers have significantly expanded the list of integrated devices for the last couple of month. Among them: solutions for monitoring in the field of passenger transport, a camera with infrared illumination, devices for measuring the level of bulk and liquid products in tanks and rotation sensor.

Passenger flow sensors

The most important parameter of control in passenger transport monitoring is the proper counting of passengers. We have integrated Galileosky tracking devices with such sensor as IRMA MATRIX, which allows you to capture and send to the monitoring server the number of entering and exiting people.

IRMA MATRIX is highly accurate due to the 3D sensor. It is connected to Galileosky via CAN-interface. The sensor can count not only the passenger flow, but also entering/exiting visitors of stores, employees of the enterprise or office, etc. Simultaneously, up to 8 sensors can operate with one tracking device.

Radar level sensor

The contactless radar level sensor ULM-31A, integrated with Galileosky equipment, allow to solve tasks of monitoring the level of bulk or liquid products in tanks: acids, alkalis, aqueous solutions, cement, coal, petrol products and even food, for instance, corn, syrop, etc. The sensor is mounted on the roof of the tank and measures the distance to the surface of the product, calculating the level by the formula. Galileosky tracking device reads the sensor data every 10 seconds and transmits them to the monitoring server. Requirements for connection: RS-485 port and support of the Easy Logic function.

Drum rotation sensor

With the magnetic sensor DZ300, it is possible to control the direction and frequency of the drum rotation of a concrete mixer or other special vehicles of similar functionality. By connecting the sensor to the tracker, you will be able to get information about the speed of rotation – from 0 to 120 rotations per minute, the direction of rotation, as well as information about errors. As a result, the solution will help not only to monitor the state of vehicle, but also prevent its damage, fix unauthorized draining and increase staff responsibility.

Photocamera with infrared lightning

In addition to the above mentioned devices, the camera with infrared illumination JC029F-Y01 is now compatible by Galileosky. By connecting the camera to the tracking device via the RS-232 port, you can configure the period of shooting, the period of sending photos to the monitoring server, set shooting on the alarm event, select the size and resolution of the pictures in the "Configurator" program. Photos are stored on the SD-card, so the tracker with support of an additional memory card is required. Pictures can be viewed on the monitoring server in real time.

We always strive to expand the list of solutions for GPS monitoring by integrating new devices. Most often, the support of the new periphery is realized thanks to partners’ request. If you or your customer need to work with other additional equipment, that is not yet supported by Galileosky, send request to the sales department.

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