Galileosky devices integrated with leading fleet management provider from the Middle East

03 August 2023

FMSiTrack platform is now compatible with the Galileosky devices.

We are glad to announce an outstanding integration:
FMSiTrack platform is now compatible with the Galileosky devices.
All our advanced features are now available for the FMSiTrack users:

  • Easy logic – Build your own scenarios. Outstanding algorithm flexibility.
  • CAN scanner - Drag as much data as you can.
  • Eco driving - simultaneous reactions on the driving behavior.

FMSi is a 20-years experienced leading fleet management provider from the Middle East. Their in-house developed fleet management software FMSiTrack is booming across the Gulf region. Now it has over 50 partners in 6 countries throughout GCC, and they are expanding rapidly Worldwide.

Here are some of the notable benefits that FMSi partners are enjoying:

  • One of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market combined with a rich feature set to seamlessly meet any requirements of the ongoing projects.
  • Multi-module structure to have a better fit to the customers’ needs
  • Latest technologies under the hood to generate the most sophisticated reports for thousands of objects in seconds
  • Mature video telematics module, flexible dashboards and reports, complete journey management system bringing some latest generation telematics tools
  • Complete Whitelabeling option to promote the partners’ brands

FMSiTrack is user-friendly, yet powerful platform for your telematics business. It combines the intuitive interface and cutting-edge solutions like Journey Management System, Video Telematics module and Tracking Data Analytics. Designed with 20 years of experience in fleet management, capable to build 10000+ objects monthly reports in seconds.

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