Galileosky devices are used to search for gas and oil fields

02 December 2019

A leading company in the field of seismic exploration uses Galileosky devices to monitor more than 1000 vehicles. This helps to automate and optimize the fleet, has increased the efficiency of internal processes and reducing the cost maintenance.

A company in the field of seismic exploration uses Galileosky devices to monitor more than 1000 vehicles. This helps to automate and optimize the fleet, increases the business processes efficiency and reducing maintenance costs

Vehicles and special machinery often operate in places where there is no GSM coverage, so a solution based on Wi-Fi was required.

Devices equipped with a Wi-Fi unit collect data from each vehicle and transmit it to the server. In places where the GSM network is completely absent, the data is sent to the internal memory and transmitted it only when returning to the base. In addition to the Wi-Fi module, most of the vehicles are equipped with an access point function, which allows them to collect not only data from their vehicles but also from others. This optimizes mileage and fuel consumption since, in this case, not every vehicle has to return to the base for data transfer. The period of data uploading is determined separately for each project depending on the number of vehicle units, type of location, season and the complexity of the project itself.

Hamed Kazemi, Galileosky Business Development Manager:

 The most difficult thing in this project is the conditions in which technology operates: permafrost, permanent lack of mobile services, etc. The fact that the country's largest geophysical company has chosen Galileosky tracking devices for such harsh conditions is another recognition of our quality and high appreciation on the telematics market.   

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